Semi Circle stand for 11 part set
Many of you already own a set of our extremely popular 11 Part Semi circles We have now designed an 18mm hollow stand to place them in, giving you the option to stand them up and give them a proper ‘rainbow’ look! A great way to store them.
Just added an option to also purchase a 4mm thin solid base which you can glue to the hollow frame. This means when you place your semi circles in, you can lift it and move it from place to place nice and easily 
(Pics to follow with the base) 
Please note. We’re told some Grimms semi circle sets fit but not all so we cannot guarantee they fit Grimms.  
This listing is just for the stand. (Not the semi circles) 
Please search ‘set of 11 semi circles’ to find the matching semi circles to go with this stand. It measures approx 37cm x 10cm We are working on a stand for our 25cm (7part) semi circles set - coming soon

Semi Circle stand for 11 part set

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