NEW and exclusive to Perry's !!

Packs of 7 Stacking Animals

They are a nice and chunky 18mm, and they average 6cm - 9cm

You can choose from the following packs :


  • ZOO / SAFARI ANIMALS (Flamingo,Tiger,Elephant,Rhino,Monkey,Lion,Giraffe)
  • SEALIFE ANIMALS (Fish, Whale, Crab, Dolphin, Turtle, Seahorse, Starfish) 
  • WOODLAND ANIMALS (Deer,Bear,Bunny,Squirrel,Fox,Badger,Hedgehog)
  • FARM ANIMALS (Pig,Llama,Sheep,Cow,Rooster,Horse,Goat)
  • DINOSAURS (Steg,Pterodactyl,Bronto,TRex,Triceratops,Raptor,Diplo)
  • BUMPER PACK OF ALL FIVE SETS !! (All of the above, so 35 Animals!)


These contents are as per the photos and we kindly ask that customers do not request changes to the animals included. thank you



Stacking Animals - ZOO - FARM - DINOS and more

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