A Pack of 9 Vegetables in chunky 18mm MDF 


They are all roughly proportionate to eachother and only slightly smaller than actual size (Some could be actual size depending on the vegetable) 
We made the Aubergine smaller as this is a really large Veg so kept it smaller to make it easier to handle and to paint 

They are approx 

Leek (20cm long) 
Onion (10cm) 
Pepper (10cm)

Broccoli (12cm) 

Carrot (15cm long) 

Aubergine (12cm) 

Corn (17cm) 

Chilli (10cm) 

Potato (10cm) 

There is an option to buy them individually or as a pack and options to buy OTHER vegetable or other sizes in the Vegetables listed, please remember to tell us in the notes if you select this option to prevent delays in orders being sent to you. 


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