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This is the listing for the water pump elevated stand so it can be used in tuff trays and on any flat surface, so no need to elevate in a trofast tray or flisat table 


It comes in BLACK 5mm Acrylic, and you simply slot the sides onto the main part 
There will be a 5mm acrylic ring glued in place for you already. This is to stop your water pump sliding around when being used. 
It comes with a bowl which you place underneath, so this is your water source, and you simply feed the rubber tubing through the stand into the bowl to use


PLEASE NOTE : The stand is designed so that the side pieces fan outwards slightly to fit the bowl, this was to stop the stand swaying or wobbling. 
We also provide two elastic bands to further secure the slots in place (See pics) 

You can buy it with or without the pump
The pump comes with a USB charger and comes with all the info you need regarding how long it lasts etc. 

I have given you the link below to the exact one that we purchased if you prefer to buy this yourselves 
We provide it as an option for anyone that may not have amazon prime accounts. 


Link here :


Please see your options in the drop down menu

Please read the following : 

  • This is an item intended for supervised play only 
  • please do not use dyed water or soapy/toothpaste water as this may damage the pump 
  • We recommend you cut your rubber hosing in half when you receive this as the one that comes with the pump is quite long, and half the size is perfect and safer (And gives you a spare)
  • Please don't use the water pump with any MDF or Plywood items as they are not water resistant
  • If you are ordering without a pump as you may have your own, please check that the diameter of the base is 73mm and if it is different, please let us know in the comments box

Water Pump Stand for Tuff trays

PriceFrom £9.50
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