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Ikea Trofast fitting Flisat insert


A lovely Icy Blue tinted acrylic large trofast lid with holes for pom poms.


Comes with a clear 15cm plastic bowl, Pouring beaker, blue scoop, two FREE test tubes of magic snow, bag of pom poms , wooden stirrer, LED lights (colour may vary) and 8 tinted or solid green green fir trees that slot into the holes on the lid


This lid is perfect for water/wet play. You can use the bowl to mix and make your snow, which can then be sprinkled on the lid, use the lights to create a lovely moonlit wilderness.


Use the tinted blue disc to create an icy lake on the bowl


Use the scoop to mould snowballs and to pick up the pom poms !


If you prefer not to use the magic snow, you can use our snow white sand that we sell and create a dry play activity, or just water to pour into the bowls, maybe use some of the holes for test tubes you may have


If you don't have a flisat table or any trofast trays, then you can use it flat just as an icy surface on your tuff tray (We just recommend putting a little something at each end underneath to elevate it slightly so the trees slot in still :)


Please note we decided not to charge for the magic snow tubes as a couple that we opened were a little dry and needed poking with the stirrer to work loose so we decided to give them free. (IE they will not be replaced if you get a tube that’s a little dry)

The snow is Ukca tested and non toxic but I recommend not to ingest. Hence why we suggest using sand or water if you’re not sure and also why they are free.

The info is on the blister packs they arrive in.

Winter Wilderness Acrylic Snow making Lid

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    All our Learning Resource and Activity Lid products are craft / learning aids and are to be used under supervision only. Some of the items may contain small parts

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