Wreath Rings (Class packs available)

6mm Thick MDF Wreath Rings 

These are specially designed double rings, with a large robust hoop at the top to aid hanging. 
Perfect for winding around ivy, artificial holly lengths, tinsel, wool, paper and many other items you like to create wreaths or floral hoops. 

Various Sizes available, 12cm - 30cm 

We have created a small 12cm (Pic shows my hand holding this as a guide) as a perfect size for little ones in a class setting, and as such, have made this available in a discounted class pack size of 30. 

The other sizes are available in packs of 10, or singly. 

The sizes are as follows : 

12cm (with a 7cm centre hole) 

15cm (with a 9cm centre hole)

20cm (With a 12cm centre hole) 

30cm (With an 18cm centre hole) 
If you have a specific pack size you need, please get in touch and we can add this for you 

Wreath Rings (Class packs available)

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